Food & Beverage Catering Downloads [PDF]

The PDF, Excel and Word documents provided in this section are meant to serve as example formats only.  These formats will give you a head start in streamlining the planning and coordination process for your own purposes, but the content and formulas must be changed to apply to the different needs of your group.  

Pay close attention to the formulas in spreadsheets

When spreadsheets are available, take painstaking care to check all formulas after making entries and changes to ensure that calculations remain accurate.  If you are not experienced with Excel formulas, have your work checked by someone who has expertise working with spreadsheets and can verify that the information is presented properly and that formulas are set up to calculate accurately. 

How to create a F&B; Catering Checklist
 Setting up a reliable F&B; Catering Timeline 
 How to create an effective Overall Event Checklist and Overall Event Timeline
 F&B; Expense Worksheet.PDF and F&B; Expense Worksheetx.XLS sample for comparison, cost control, budgeting
 Sample F&B; Function Specifications.PDF and F&B; Function Specifications.DOC
 Sample F&B; Contract.PDF and F&B; Contract.DOC
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 How to create a F&B; Catering Checklist

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