Creating an Audiovisual Checklist [PDF & Excel]

Before confirming with a hotel, venue or facility

Be sure you understand the extent of your audiovisual needs so you can verify during the site selection process that function space will be adequate to handle set-up for audiovisual (AV) equipment and that the technical interface (high speed Internet, bandwidth, satellite downlinking) is compatible with your program needs.  Communicate carefully with the committee or department responsible for planning the program for your meeting or event, then develop a checklist of anticipated requirements.  

The sample AV checklist provided for you below addresses typical questions to ask a venue about AV capabilities before confirming a booking.  It also provides a sampling of typical requirements you would want to confirm with the AV service providers you are considering.  You may need to focus on only a few things on the list if your AV needs are basic, but it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the full list.  Every function will have different needs and changes will occur throughout the planning process, so your checklist will be a work in progress.

If your program requires significant AV equipment in multiple rooms or function space, don’t try to handle it yourself.  Once you determine from your checklist the major tasks that need to be completed, delegate some of the responsibilities to other trusted staff members or volunteers.

How to divide responsibilities Examples

 Major Task: On-site audiovisual equipment set-up          Assigned to:
 Sub-Tasks:  1. Verify all AV set-up is correct for each room or space Team A
  2. Coordinate volunteers, conduct their orientation Team B
  3. Place, rotate, remove ID signage for each function Team C
  4. Deliver and place handouts for each session Team D

Next, use the checklist to create a time line – 
Checklists and time lines go hand-in-hand to keep you out of trouble.  Assign completion dates to each major task and work backwards to a start date that will give you enough time to get the job done before the completion deadline.

The checklist and time line samples provided by Planning Helper are incomplete and meant for use as guidelines to help you create checklists of your own with content that applies to the unique needs of your meeting, event or function.

Audiovisual Checklist.PDF
Audiovisual Checklist.DOC

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