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A checklist and timeline go hand-in-hand with meeting and event planning.  When you do a thorough job of creating the checklist first, you can then use it to create the timeline.  These two documents will do everything to keep you on track and on time if you refer to them regularly and faithfully.  Update them as you go along, and their “shelf life” will be endless as they will be the first documents you pull when you begin planning the next event.  Timesavers and lifesavers, BOTH.

The Event Registration Checklists should include a section dedicated to the supplies that need to be ordered in advance before registration opens plus those to pack to go on-site for registration set-up.  Thorough back-up procedures should also be listed, such as the printed lists to take with you and flashlights if you have a power or failure, equipment malfunction, depleted batteries, etc.  Ever forgotten your power cord?  Not good.  Details!  You can’t remember them all if you don’t document them … and once on-site it is usually too late to recover from oversights. 

Download Event Registration Checklists

The checklist and timeline samples provided by Planning Helper are incomplete and meant for use as guidelines to help you create checklists of your own with content that applies to the unique needs of your meeting, event or function. 

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