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Meeting and Event Registration Guide [2020]

Meeting Event Registration Guide

Event registration just HAS to be done right – accurately, efficiently, and user-friendly. Registration is often the first point of contact, and it creates a first impression of what can be expected during your meeting or event – good or bad! It can cost your organization in lost revenue if prospective attendees get frustrated when […]

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Budgeting for Meetings, Functions or Events Guide [2020]

Budgeting Meetings Functions Events Guide

If you have a financial background For larger meetings, events or social functions it will usually be a financial officer or a volunteer with a financial background who will be responsible for creating the overall budget.  If your qualifications fall into that category, this section may be a “no-brainer” for you and you can skip […]

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Meeting and Event Contract Guide [2020]

Contracts don’t have to be intimidating The responsibility of negotiating and approving or recommending approval of contracts is usually one of the most intimidating for many event planners and coordinators to approach! But, similar to budgeting, once you get over the hurdle of the unknown and become comfortable with the process and the terms used in contracts for […]

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Ethics and Etiquette in the Event Planning Industry Guide

Guide to Ethics and Etiquette in the Event Industry Ethics, as defined by Encarta Dictionary, is “a system of moral principles governing the appropriate conduct for a person or group.” In today’s global economy and diverse cultures, that definition can be interpreted in a multitude of ways which makes it complicated! But understanding ethics can […]

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Mega Event Planning Resources [2020]

Download Event Registration Checklists The checklist and timeline samples provided by Planning Helper are incomplete and meant for use as guidelines to help you create checklists of your own with content that applies to the unique needs of your meeting, event or function.  Planning Helper’s Favorite Web Resources BIZZABO – 22 EVENT PLANNING RESOURCES FROM EVENT EXPERTS Endless […]

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Event Virtual Meeting Guide [2020]

Guide to Virtual Meetings

Face-to-Face?  Virtual Meeting?  Or Both?  We all know that a meeting or event is more effective and rewarding when conducted “face-to-face” with people interacting spontaneously during a discussion that is enhanced with non-verbal language delivered through body language, expressions, and gestures. Better business relationships are developed when face-to-face, making it more likely that better decisions will be made quicker. […]

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Planning Helper Mega Glossary [2020]

Planning Helper Glossary The Planning Helper Glossary defines terms as they pertain to the meeting and event planning industry. If a term is commonly used interchangeably with another, it is so noted within the term’s definition for clarification purposes. Some terms have been included from the APEX Glossary, a product of the Convention Industry Council. […]

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