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Event Webcasting Guide [2020]

A webcast or web event is a broadcast that is conducted using the Internet rather than a satellite for transmitting to audiences anywhere in the world where access to adequate high-speed Internet is available.  Presentations can be filmed live on video camera(s) and broadcast in real time using streaming media technology (video, sound and data) […]

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Event Fulfilling Purpose, Goals, Objectives

Event Purpose A clearly stated purpose of an upcoming meeting or event with an outline of what will be discussed or take place is important for those being invited to receive and understand.  If they are uncertain of the purpose and undecided about the benefits of attending, it is unlikely they will participate.  This information […]

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Event Budgeting Checklist [PDF & Excel]

If you are working with a group that has produced meetings and events in the past, it is probable that a good financial history will be available to serve as a checklist when initiating the budget process.  But if this is a first time event, listing all the expense items and potential revenues will be […]

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Creating an Audiovisual Checklist [PDF & Excel]

Before confirming with a hotel, venue or facility Be sure you understand the extent of your audiovisual needs so you can verify during the site selection process that function space will be adequate to handle set-up for audiovisual (AV) equipment and that the technical interface (high speed Internet, bandwidth, satellite downlinking) is compatible with your program needs.  Communicate carefully with the committee […]

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Overall Timeline for Meetings and Events [PDF & Excel]

If you will be involved in all aspects of the planning process for an upcoming event, the Overall Event Timeline will be very important to you … your guiding light.  Without it, you can easily become lost.  All other timelines for individual areas of responsibility will stem from the Overall.  You will use most of the steps from […]

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Accommodation for Meetings and Events Guide [2020]

Accommodation for Meetings and Events Guide

Guide to Accommodation for Meetings and Events In many areas of the United States, the lodging industry has recovered from a deep decline in the economy and meeting planners are facing a seller’s market where negotiations with hotels and other lodging facilities are tougher. Unless you are booking short-term (usually within 30-60 days of your event), […]

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Site Selection for Event Guide [2020]

Site Selection for Event Guide

Regardless of the type of site, you will be responsible for selecting or recommending, the advance preparation and the process of research, evaluation, and decision-making will be similar. The timeline for beginning the process will be different, of course, based on whether you are selecting a city for a multiple-day conference that will occur two […]

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Setup Guidelines for Meetings and Events Guide [2020]

Setup Guidelines Meetings Events Guide

Details – Details – Details Finalizing 30-Days in Advance Detailing your set-up instructions is one of the most important documents that you will prepare as a meeting and event planner.  Your organizational skills and attention to detail will be most critical here and will set you apart from the norm if you are really good at […]

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Event Food and Beverage Catering Guide [2020]

Event Food and Beverage Catering Guide

Guide to Successful Event Food and Beverage Catering Planning food and beverage functions can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding components of your job as a meeting or event coordinator, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. If you have already established a good working relationship with a caterer, you […]

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