Accommodation for Meetings and Events Guide [2020]

Accommodation for Meetings and Events Guide

Guide to Accommodation for Meetings and EventsContents1 Guide to Accommodation for Meetings and Events2 Hotel priorities when evaluating group business3 Negotiate effectively to avoid attrition penalties4 Why you need to clearly understand the demographics of your group5 So, what should you do to succeed in a seller’s market?6 Lodging Guidelines Step-by-Step6.1 Lodging Checklist Instructions 6.2 Prepare a Timeline  for Booking Group Sleeping […]

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Setup Guidelines for Meetings and Events Guide [2020]

Setup Guidelines Meetings Events Guide

Details – Details – DetailsContents1 Details – Details – Details1.1 Finalizing 30-Days in Advance2 Function Specifications3 Vendor and Service Provider Documents4 How to estimate space needed for meeting and function setups4.1 Space recommendations per person –4.2 Space requirements for equipment, food stations4.3 Function room capacities –4.4 The no-show factor –4.5 Pros and cons of different […]

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Event Food and Beverage Catering Guide [2020]

Event Food and Beverage Catering Guide

Guide to Successful Event Food and Beverage CateringContents1 Guide to Successful Event Food and Beverage Catering2 Working with caterers3 Planning Food & Beverage Functions – Guidelines A-Z 3.1 1. Set up an F&B expense worksheet 3.2 2. Two-step process to create a checklist and timeline3.3 3. F&B function specifications4 Food & Beverage Catering Contracts4.1 If booking more than six […]

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Meeting and Event Registration Guide [2020]

Meeting Event Registration Guide

Event registration just HAS to be done right – accurately, efficiently, and user-friendly. Registration is often the first point of contact, and it creates a first impression of what can be expected during your meeting or event – good or bad! It can cost your organization in lost revenue if prospective attendees get frustrated when […]

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Budgeting for Meetings, Functions or Events Guide [2020]

Budgeting Meetings Functions Events Guide

If you have a financial backgroundContents0.1 If you have a financial background0.2 If you are less experienced with budgeting0.3 Budgets are not set in stone0.4 Budgeting Guidelines0.5 Financial Goals0.6 Break Even0.7 Expense and Revenue0.8 Taxes, surcharges or fees, service charges, gratuities 0.9 Attrition Contingency Fund1 Budgeting Break-Even Analysis1.1 Budgeting Checklist1.2 An example of how to divide […]

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Meeting and Event Contract Guide [2020]

Contracts don’t have to be intimidatingContents1 Contracts don’t have to be intimidating1.1 Yes, contracts set boundaries that you must stay within, but they also protect you –1.2 The process may be complex, but it does not have to be difficult –1.3 Contractual negotiations are evolving with the speed of light –1.4 Attrition Clause2 Signing the Contract –2.1 Do’s 2.2 […]

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Ethics and Etiquette in the Event Planning Industry Guide

Guide to Ethics and Etiquette in the Event IndustryContents1 Guide to Ethics and Etiquette in the Event Industry1.1 Understanding Ethics1.2 What to practice1.3 Trouble spots to avoid1.4 Suggested Industry Etiquette (Professional Courtesy) Ethics, as defined by Encarta Dictionary, is “a system of moral principles governing the appropriate conduct for a person or group.” In today’s […]

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Writing specifications of set-up needs for meetings and events Guide

Checklists, Timelines, Contracts, Invoices –To pull everything together, refer to the checklists and timelines you have been using throughout your planning process, the contracts that have been signed, and the earlier space specifications that were created.  It will be extremely helpful if you also have copies of contracts, invoices and banquet event orders from similar events your […]

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How to Create an Effective Checklist for Overall Event?

Creating a thorough Overall Event Checklist is the first thing to do before taking any other action in the planning and coordinating process for a meeting, function or event.  It will serve as the launching pad for getting everything off to a well organized start.  It will also be the starting point for setting timelines […]

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Download Event Registration Checklist Files [PDF,DOC]

A checklist and timeline go hand-in-hand with meeting and event planning.  When you do a thorough job of creating the checklist first, you can then use it to create the timeline.  These two documents will do everything to keep you on track and on time if you refer to them regularly and faithfully.  Update them […]

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Food & Beverage Catering Downloads [PDF]

The PDF, Excel and Word documents provided in this section are meant to serve as example formats only.  These formats will give you a head start in streamlining the planning and coordination process for your own purposes, but the content and formulas must be changed to apply to the different needs of your group.   Pay […]

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Educational Webinars Guide [2020]

An educational webinar differs from an on-line meeting because it is usually limited to one-way transfer of audio (voice-over) from the instructor(s) to an audience of individuals or small groups viewing from computers or mobile devices in geographic locations anywhere in the world where access to the Internet is available.  Advance registration with email addresses will […]

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1 Food & Beverage Catering Checklist [PDF]

Preparing a detailed checklist before contacting caterers about any food and beverage (F&B) function you are planning is a must.  It will prove to be an enormous time-saver for you and gratefully appreciated by your caterer. There will be a big difference in the checklist you create for a planned meal function based on the type of venue you select.  If you book […]

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Booking Policies for Meetings, Events Functions [2020]

There are certain factors that will apply to almost every contractual agreement you reach with the venues, facilities, vendors or service providers involved in your meeting or event.  We will touch briefly on some of the most common here to give you an idea of what to expect and what to ask.  One provision that you will find in almost all agreements is “attrition,”  and you must […]

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