With You All the Way

by Sharron Campbell,

Certified Meeting Professional, 30 years experience

Take Steps 1, 2, and 3 Before Booking Any Component of Meeting or Event 

 Event planning team ready to start-up.
There are basic steps that will help you make wiser choices and get better results in less time when booking venues, facilities and service providers. One step will prepare you for the next if you follow them in the order recommended. Advance preparation will take a little more time in the beginning, but the payoff will be the priceless time saved overall during the entire planning and coordination process. The work you do now will payoff repeatedly for all future events. You will be more confident, knowledgeable and effective. 

The first step -
Before you can hope to do a professional job of planning and coordinating any meeting or event, you must first understand why it is being scheduled in the first place and what the top decision makers hope to accomplish. Without knowing this, you will merely go through the motions of arranging the details without thinking of how everything you do can enhance - or diminish - the entire theme or purpose. This is a topic within itself, so please read through it here

The next two steps - 
Creating a checklist then a timeline, go hand-in-hand to ensure you get off to a good start, stay on track and meet your deadlines! The thought process that occurs when creating these tools will save backtracking later on to cover things overlooked or forgotten and will save priceless time and effort.

Once the checklist and timeline are in place, you will be well organized and ready to continue with other steps that will make your booking experiences more pleasant, efficient and productive.

 bluebullet First Step - Overall Event Checklist
How to set up an overall event checklist to remind you of every task to be completed.
 bluebullet Next Step - Overall Event Timeline
How to schedule start dates for each task that allows ample time for completion before deadlines. 
 bluebullet Complete Booking Guidelines - Remaining Steps in Recommended Order
Use the checklist and timeline to stay on track and on time through the remaining 10 steps.
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