With You All the Way

by Sharron Campbell,

Certified Meeting Professional, 30 years experience

Planning Helper Glossary

The Planning Helper Glossary defines terms as they pertain to the meeting and event planning industry. If a term is commonly used interchangeably with another, it is so noted within the term's definition for clarification purposes. Some terms have been included from the APEX Glossary, a product of the Convention Industry Council. This information has been reproduced with the expressed permission of the CIC. For more information on the APEX initiative or CIC go to www.conventionindustry.org.

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Housing (lodging) for overnight guests.  Also applies to seats on airlines or ground transportation; or services provided for attendees at a meeting, function or event; and to special arrangements made for individuals with disabilities in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.
Actuals | History
A final accounting of a group’s performance while on-site for a meeting or event at a venue or facility, including revenues generated, total number of guests in attendance, overnight guest rooms and suites used per night, number of meals served, number of meeting or function rooms used, parking services utilized, revenues generated for every part of the program, and more.  Actual history is an invaluable resource for projecting revenues and expenses for future meetings or events and for justifying terms being negotiated for future contracts with venues, vendors and service providers.
Any person or group of people or organization that assists or supports another organization for an event by providing volunteers, financial contributions, exhibits, products or services in return for recognition and visibility.  Also sometimes referred to as sponsors or partners.
An outline of what is to occur at specified times during a meeting or event; a guideline for a speaker or presenter with instructions on what is expected of him or her before, during and after the presentation.
Ancillary Services
Meeting or event-related support services within a hotel, venue or facility that generates revenue.   An example would food carts or printing services.
Ancillary Space
Rooms or function space available for booking overflow meetings or special events in close proximity or adjacent to the venue or facility where the main event or conference takes place.
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Arrival-Departure Pattern
The date and time that a group is expected to check-in and check-out of a venue or facility.  Sleeping room rates, meeting room and function space rental, and other rates or fees will be negotiated based on a group’s arrival / departure pattern with less flexibility if a group is arriving during peak season and on peak days of the week.
Custom design for graphics, logos, posters, banners, invitations, and other promotional pieces created for printed materials, web sites, online audiovisual presentations, and such.  Clip art is not generally included in this category.
Points of interest in a geographic area or city that are well known and can entice visitors to attend a conference or event.  Examples include cultural activities, sporting events, educational and medical facilities, natural wonders, and so forth.
Attrition Clause | Attrition Penalty
A clause in contracts that provides monetary compensation to venues, facilities and service providers if a minimum amount of revenues as stated in the contract are not actually generated by a group.  This would apply to projected revenues from sleeping rooms, food and beverage functions, meeting room rental, recreational services, airline seats, and so on.  Usually there is an allowable shortfall before damages are assessed.  More on Attrition in Planning Topic Contracts.
Audio Visual
Equipment, software and technical support used to enhance sound and visual presentations or performances at meetings or events through the use of lighting, projection, mixing boards, microphones and amplifiers – or to create an environment in a room or outdoor space that makes it more conducive for participants to learn, relax or become energized, whatever the desired result might be.  Also applies to basic equipment and materials such as film, slides, flip charts, white board and blackboards, television monitors, etc.