With You All the Way

by Sharron Campbell,

Certified Meeting Professional, 30 years experience

Planning Topics - Meetings, Events, Social Functions

The following topics can be sorted to view from left to right in alphabetical order OR in the order steps should be taken by priority when planning meetings, events and social functions. Checklists, timelines and tools in PDF, Excel or Word formats are available as appropriate in each topic for FREE download per our Terms of Use.

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Purpose & Objectives Why you need-to-know this before any planning begins.
Budgeting How to budget accurately for meetings and events.

Before Booking Anything Steps A-Z to take before booking any meeting/event.
Virtual Meetings Online, hybrid, satellite advantages, disadvantages.
Site Selection How to select the best city and venue for your group.
Ethics & Etiquette Ethics and professional conduct for lasting success.
Sleeping Rooms How to negotiate and book group sleeping rooms.
AV-Technology-WiFi AV and technology basics. Bandwidth, WiFi explained.

Contracts Contract clauses to expect, negotiating tips, attrition.
Registration Registration process, staffing, volunteers, technology.
Setup Guidelines Calculating space needs, seating diagrams, WiFi.

Food & Beverage Catering guidelines, quantity to order, calculate expenses.